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Streamz FM!

Streamz FM is an online radio station operated by young people (and the youth organisation they are a part of) to provide a service, platform and voice for the community, through music, discussion and so much more!

If you are a young person aged 16-25 and would like to join Streamz FM (or work with young people and would like to get some of the young people you work with involved), please contact us at

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Image by Jacob Hodgson


Streamz FM will enable young people aged 16-24 to develop new skills, reach their full potential and build strong relationships within their communities by:

  • carrying out integral roles on a fully functioning online radio station;

  • creating content that will enable them to interact and communicate with the community at large;

  • participating in training/workshops on a range of areas;

  • providing input in order to help shape and steer the direction and make up of Streamz FM.

Image by Chen Mizrach


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